About Urban Air

Founded in 2003, Urban Air Design is a graphic design consulting agency specializing in marketing promotion, advertising and strategy planning. We strive to deliver effective design solutions to our clients, ranging from international corporations, commercial banks, government sectors to educational institutions. In order to provide one-stop service to our clients, we are offering a full-service from concept development, layout design, to printing. Besides, we are also experienced in doing website design and online report production. Our dynamic relationship with our clients in the marketplace is a reflection of our commitment to being creative, innovative, and responsible.

Since 2006, we have worked closely with various environmental consultants and corporate sustainability departments to produce a number of sustainability reports in different styles. We deepen our understanding in sustainability from the fruitful experience of producing more than seventy sustainability reports. All these enable us to develop insights and build a solid foundation in sustainability.

Mission -

From service provider to knowledge provider
We understand the overall brand communicates the essence of our clients' businesses; reflects their philosophy, culture and goals. Therefore, we not only provide design services - we deliver professional knowledge like strategic brand and marketing management to develop a comprehensive solution for our clients. Our clients are seeking an all around solution, not something that solves only part of their problems or add limited values. At Urban Air Design Ltd, we provide solutions by striking a balance between creativity and reality in order to develop innovative ideas without losing sight of what is appropriate for any given business scenario.

Vision -

Maintain uniqueness
A sound understanding of clients’ needs and requests defines our approach to help our clients reach their goals. We can either follow strictly clients' instructions or engage in a more proactive way by suggesting a new perspective to deliver client's values and messages effectively. It involves in-depth research, critical thinking and analysis to produce distinct solutions which carry great value in design and at the same time can be executed to perform prominent functions in reality. Designers should address three issues at this stage. First the presence of "global" values, beliefs and ideas in today's dominant cultural groups. Second the appropriateness of adapting such "global values" to all situations. Third the role of graphic designers in global communication, whether graphic designers are reproducing or challenging the positions of certain dominant cultural groups? Addressing these issues may keep designers on track on maintaining the uniqueness of design.



  • Successful Design Award (China)


  • Successful Design Award (China)
  • Successful Social Impact of The Year (China)
  • A’ Design Award (Italy) Bronze in Web Design
  • A’ Design Award (Italy) Silver in Graphic and Visual Communication
  • International Design Award (US) Silver in Graphic Design Category
  • International Design Award (US) Honorable Mention in Book Category
  • International Design Award (US) Honorable Mention in Posters Category


  • Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies by Mediazone
  • K-Design Award (Korea) Winner
  • Successful Design Award (China)
  • Design of the Day (DOTD) by DesignAwards.Asia