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As a fashion-conscious mother as well as the founder and designer of Hailey’s, Kelly always wants to pass on her unique taste and concept about fashion to her daughter, through the silent transforming influence of day-to-day dressing. Thus, Hailey’s mothers & kids fashion label is born.

Unlike those flooding the market based on the concept of “miniature” or simply copying the adult version, Hailey’s mothers & kids fashion pursues a consistency that is out of the ordinary: through different ways of expression, the fashion design for mothers and kids has its own unique style, yet they blend in perfect harmony when appear together.

As the appointed design agency, our main task is to provide an innovation OTO branding solution, from brand identity, core visual elements, website, social media, packaging, styling to shop interior design, which can reflect the core value of Hailey’s - A creative local fashion brand.

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