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"Keep it up"
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With so many promotional materials in the market calling the public to quit smoking, there is very few that targets at the “current quitters”. The designer, who has quitted smoking successfully, advocates the need to support current quitters through materials such as promotional posters. The challenge for current quitters is to resist the addiction. Without a cigarette at hand, a smoker would hallucinate one from any rod-shaped object, and even put a pen in the mouth to pretend smoking. Based on this phenomenon, the designer creates a series of objects that give out smoke, reminding current quitters that the urge to smoke would be over gradually with sheer persistence. Then one day they would find that there is no more imaginary smoke even when looking at a real cigarette, and they know they have successfully quitted finally. Hang a poster on the wall, put a sticker on day-to-day objects, or wear a badge – just remind yourself that you are quitting smoking, you can make the process more interesting if face the challenge and resist the temptation with a positive attitude. From seeing everything as a cigarette to freeing from the temptation of a real puff, the process is certainly challenging and not an easy task. In the recent years the Hong Kong Government has been actively engaged in anti-smoking campaigns, and the smoking population was down to 10.7% in 2013, but there is growing trend in youth smoking. Turning successfully into a non-smoker, the designer fully realizes every aspect in the quitting process and the difficulty in resisting the addiction. Through personal experience and fun-filled presentation, the designer wishes young smokers can take the quitting process as a challenge with fun, and keep it up until success comes.

Award :
- International Design Award (US) 2014 - Silver

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