Brand development

Corporate Video and Website

A clear sense of who are the target audience is one key to a successful design. The video would mainly be shown to the partners of The Madison Group and its regulars. Most of them prefer something innovative yet mature. We took this into consideration when producing the video. We hope they would watch the whole video and learn about the Group’s new identity, boosting their loyalty. At the beginning of the video is the Group’s history, while the second half of the video is about its vision and businesses in Singapore and some cities of China. In the video are the maps of these places, formed from a mass of faces, showing the Group’s image of caring for its employees, customers and the community. Footage starts the video and this saved the production cost for video shooting. And illustrations, rather than videos, of the Group’s oversea branches served the same function. A lot of circular elements are added to echo with the round logo of the Group.

- Design of the Day (DOTD) by DesignAwards.Asia
- Successful Design Award 2015

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