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Hong Kong International Airport
Sustainability Report 2014/15

This is the first time that the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) collaborated with Urban Air on sustainability report. AAHK intend to a have a fresh layout for this year’s sustainability report which is different from the previous years. The key message that the report aims to convey is “growing together”. AAHK wishes to grow together with the society. While AAHK is expanding and developing, it also pursues to boost the social and economic development. The construction of the 3rd Runway for example seeks to benefit the society as a whole.

Design Rationale:
The cover design features the runway of the airport with the near-to-far perspective that makes viewers feel that they are standing on the runway, seeing the plane taking off and flying up to the sky. The color tone used expresses that it is at dawn, the first appearance of light in the morning gives a sense of hope and starting afresh. There are also die-cut holes dotting the runway, peeking into the photos of the page underneath. This on one hand further outlines the contour of the runway and on the other hand enhances the texture of the report cover. The design challenge for the inner pages is that a considerable amount of information is needed to be presented in an interesting manner which appeals to readers. A lot of info-graphics are thus created to present the information. Color patches are used throughout the report and each specialized color for every chapter creates a harmonious continuity as a whole.

The launch of the sustainability report receives a lot of positive feedback from the staff of AAHK. It is highly regarded by the staff as very refreshing and the layout design arouses readers’ interest to read on. They are particularly impressed by how the stories of the stakeholders were presented and believed that it greatly enhances the readability of the section.

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