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Sustainability Report 2015

The Mass Transit Railway Corporation is a leading local company that has been always contributing to a more sustainable future. MTR releases its 15th annual sustainability report. This publication is regarded as a channel for communicating with its stakeholders, including the government sectors, its business partners, staff and the general public. The report aims to lift its corporate transparency as well as reveals core values and long term development in the social, economic and environmental aspects of MTR.

Design Rationale:
As a publicly-listed company which operates a mass transit railway system to meet Hong Kong's public transport requirements, MTR continues to be responsive to different opinions. This time, it shapes our thinking and way of life through stories. The theme title of 2015 is 5 Million Stories. A wide range of personal stories from MTR customers show passengers’ expectations and needs which are responded by the narratives of the staff that come after. Stories are divided into various sections, such as Safety, Environment, Corporate Governance, Staff, Community, etc. The report is lively and authentic that reflects passengers’ daily journey. The cover design, which features numbers of portraits of people in stations, expresses a sense of reality. The idea highlights the significance of customers to the company. In the inner pages, info-graphics facilitate information delivery. Furthermore, interactive PDF documents are created to provide our online readers with a dynamic reading experience with buttons, hyperlinks, and page transitions.

MTR sets an example to other corporations in the industry in creating an effective communicative approach with its stakeholders. The concept, content, structure and design are highly rated by leading figures in the sustainable field. An innovative and reader-friendly report is presented.

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